Build an OAuth Flow

Every GoTab account (location) must grant your application access. This is managed through an OAuth flow that only manager user roles have permissions. As a integrator, you will need to consider building an onboarding flow for GoTab locations to grant your application access.

Present the authorization page

As an integrator there are two options for presenting the authorization page to a location's manager user. GoTab recommends Option 1 be implemented for best practices. The oAuth URL is genereated with your api_access_id and redirect_url.

Option 1: Create a button or hyplerlink behind your customer log-in

Option 2: Provide the URL to the GoTab user outside a customer log-in interface

When a user is redirected to the OAuth page, they will be prompted to log-in to their GoTab account, if not already logged in. The page will allow the user to review what permissions your application has access to and select each location your application is granted access.

Save the locationUuid/s

After a location grants your application access, GoTab will redirect the user to the URL provided in your application set up. Appended to the URL will be each locationUuid that was just granted access.

Single location access - https://your_redirect_url/?locations=locationUuid

Multi location access - https://your_redirect_url/?locations=locationUuid%locationUuid